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Tell Your Story.

Making Dreams Come True

With years of expertise in the international education industry, Yvonne has confidence and passion to help international students realize their dream of studying abroad, and supports the process to assist students in having success in their abroad experience. Yvonne has established strong relationships with students from Asia and English-speaking countries. She has also established friendly relations with colleges and universities worldwide.

"We strive to understand each student and help them showcase their talents and potential."

Yvonne L.
Managing Partner

Turning an Idea into Reality

Richelle is passionate about helping international students to realize their individual potential. Richelle believes the right school or program can make all the difference for a student, and she wants to assist a global community of students to fulfill that important need. She is committed to building a dynamic and cohesive team culture that delivers successful results for our students.

"BridgeIn Education will become the bridge to easily connect both sides; the schools and the students. For the students’ side, students will know what kind of school is right for them, how far they are from their dream school, what their own deficiencies are, and what their strengths are. For the schools’ side, they can more efficiently recruit better and qualified students who meet the school’s culture."

Richelle X.
Managing Partner

Suri brings extensive industry experience to the BridgeIn team and is passionate about the education of the next generation and helping students maximize their potential. She has a deep understanding of the student recruitment process and the needs of international students. She worked to driven branding strategy and enhancing the corporate portfolio and brand image. She strongly believes in creativity and a can-do attitude at work, and is motivated to bring the best of global practices to her work.


Suri received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media from DePaul University and also received a Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation with Distinction from Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

Suri Y.
Communications Manager

Jackson with five years of expertise as an Education Consultant. He worked closely with parents to assess students' goals and needs and develop a unique and comprehensive plan to accommodate them. He is knowledgeable in authentic assessments, application policies, curriculum issues, and providing one-on-one mentoring support to ensure all students reach their full potential.


Jackson has a bachelor's degree in Education from Northwestern University and holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

Jackson S.
Senior Consultant

Christine holds a bachelor's degree in Education from New York University and a master's degree in Psychology from Columbia University in New York. She brings years of experience within international student recruitment and admissions while helping international students to achieve their academic and professional goals.


Christine has seen how education changes a student's life. She expects to assist more students to fulfill their educational goals with her expertise.

Christine L.
Senior Consultant
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