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BridgeIn International LLC is an education-focused consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA, providing expert educational consulting and strategy services for international students around the world who are looking to study abroad. We create resources to help international students seeking the best possible admission results to schools/colleges in English-speaking countries. We always ensure that our students' overseas life is both manageable and enjoyable. We provide extracurricular planning and academic advising services to younger students who are not yet ready to apply to colleges. We also provide summer camp programs for international students looking for American universities that best suit their educational goals. 

We will become the bridge to easily connect both sides; the schools and the students. For the students’ side, students will know what kind of school is right for them, how far they are from their dream school, what their own deficiencies are, and what their strengths are. For the schools’ side, they can more efficiently recruit better and qualified students who meet the school’s culture.

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One of the first education-focused consultancies based in Chicago that specialize in assisting students to apply for top-tier schools worldwide.

Provide the next generation with an enriching experience and help maximize their potential.

Our team will be standby to respond clients’ inquiries with no delay. We will check the on-going application on time and follow up with the progress.